What is Keystone

We think it’s something like this: understanding the context young adults live in and doing life in that context. We believe that we are our best when we live life together. A young adult is a soul in transition. They’ve left their nest and are discovering who they are in a context all their own for the first time. They are asking questions they never new existed and finding answers they’ve never imagined. This makes Keystone very important. It’s a time to dig in, to celebrate, and to mourn with peers. It’s a time to encourage and inspire. It’s a time to worship and serve together. It’s a time to do life. Together.

What people are saying about Keystone...

  • Wednesday nights at the Boshart’s house are a highlight of my week. Seriously, when I’m at Keystone, I feel right at home.

    Laura B.

  • Warning: For those whose highest aspiration is mediocrity, this gathering will be harmful to your lifestyle!

    Jesse C.

  • The Keystone group is a great mix of college students and young professionals. I feel welcomed and love this community.

    Hannah H.

  • Keystone has been so welcoming. It’s a great group of guys and girls that encourage one another in and outside of church.

    Juliana A.

  • Wow. This group is amazing. I don’t always wear a hat… but when I do… it’s to Keystone. Come check it out – Wed. @ 7:30p.

    Timo M.

  • Joining a group can be, like, really hard sometimes, but NOT Keystone! I really like it because it totally rocks my socks off!!!

    Elle G.

  • Keystone Bible Study

    We feel that life is better together. Our midweek Bible study revolves around community centered in Christ. There is a FREE meal served at 7:30p and a Bible Study that follows at 8p. This takes place in the home of Jay & Cinda Boshart….

  • Keystone Camping Trip

    Living in the wild doesn’t have to be without amenities. The Keystone Camping trip lets you pause the grind of your normal routine to fellowship together and study God’s word during Texas’s prime camping season. We will enjoying hiking, boating, swimming, games, outdoors movies and great food.

  • Sunday Morning Small Group

    During Ridgecrest’s Renovation, Sunday mornings are taking place down the road at Bowie Elementary (6005 Stonewall). At Bowie, all of our our adult Sunday morning small groups will be meeting together as one group in the cafeteria. We are walking through Spiritual Disciplines. This…

  • Ultimate Frisbee

    Whether you are looking for a way to unwind OR for a to channel you competitive nature, consider joining us for Ultimate Frisbee. It all goes down at the Greenville SportsPark at 5:30 on Mondays and Fridays. Depending on the crowds and various activities, just look for the…