Laura B.

Wednesday nights at the Boshart’s house are a highlight of my week. Seriously, when I’m at Keystone, I feel right at home.

Jesse C.

Warning: For those whose highest aspiration is mediocrity, this gathering will be harmful to your lifestyle!

Hannah H.

The Keystone group is a great mix of college students and young professionals. I feel welcomed and love this community.

Juliana A.

Keystone has been so welcoming. It’s a great group of guys and girls that encourage one another in and outside of church.

Timo M.

Wow. This group is amazing. I don’t always wear a hat… but when I do… it’s to Keystone. Come check it out – Wed. @ 7:30p.

Elle G.

Joining a group can be, like, really hard sometimes, but NOT Keystone! I really like it because it totally rocks my socks off!!!